Concept Development

Concept development is the big first step and the backbone of your vision. We will meet with you near your proposed site to discuss and get to better understand your vision. Working together with you, your concept is refined and enhance until, by the end of Concept Development, you have the fundamentals for moving forward toward designing the tourist attraction of your dreams. 

The decisions made in this early stage are important and will affect all future work on your project, from the attractions that fill it to the buildings that shape it. A strong start is important to make your dream come true.

Market Analysis

It is of critical importance to understand from the beginning who your
market is. The analysis they do will enable us to ascertain:

  • who your market is,
  •  how long your visitors will stay,
  • how large your project should be when it opens;
  • what size your project can grow to;
  • what the competitive environment is

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study will be the first meaningful projection of:

  •  the financial potential of your project;
  • operating costs;
  • the warranted investment for your project.

These will be the key elements of your business plan and each will play
an important role in convincing investors that your venture is worthwhile.

Master Planning

The tourist attraction Master Plan is a proposal for the layout, configuration and operating characteristics of your project. It’s an essential in guiding your project to success.
In layman’s terms, the Master Plan is a representation of how your project and its themes fit together and how everything works on your site. It also helps ensure you’re optimizing your land use, steers ideas for future expansion.

NOTE: With a concept outline, market study, financial data and master plan in hand it’s time to get your planning permissions and other necessary governmental approvals

Schematic Design

Adding a greater depth of detail to your design concept, AGC team will draw up a design skeleton for your project otherwise known a Schematic Design.
How each physical element of your project works with every other element will be established. All key systems, entertainment, rides and shows are determined. With the Schematic Design in hand, AGC’s architect can now confidently design buildings for attractions, entertainment, merchandise and food and beverage venues.
The Schematic Design phase is also the time when all the basic engineering, civil, electrical and mechanical, is quantified and prepared. Cost projections will be further refined in this stage and project adjustments made accordingly.

Architecture for Theme Design

Architecture is a complex skill.
Architecture for tourist attraction becomes even more complex because it not only devises appropriate space for function, it is actually part of the “show” that defines tourist attraction.
Tourist attraction architects ensure delightful buildings will wrap around your attractions. Good tourist attraction architecture heightens the experience of your guests and contributes to the richness of your park’s atmosphere.

Design Development

The focus of the work during Design Development is the thousands of smaller details yet to be determined. Final engineering is done and final decisions made. The scope of documentation resulting from this phase allows us to prepare a final, comprehensive project budget and schedule and move into preparing construction documents.
All of the elements of the project are now fixed. Because of AGC’s careful planning and extensive experience, you will avoid those very expensive last minute changes to your finalized plans.


Apart from build the tourist attraction, AGC acting as your representative, we take care of the day to day work schedule, keeping you fully informed. It gets technical at this point. Construction drawings and specs have to be prepared. Soon shovels hit the dirt, concrete and steel are being delivered, attraction systems are ordered and show elements are being fabricated.
AGC team will be there for you during the complete construction, fabrication, installation and opening of your project to protect every penny of your investment.

NOTE: As the building moves to completion, the managers and key staff that have been hired during this phase will participate in “test and adjust and training requirements associated with all the building and show technical system installation. Increasing amounts of time and resources are spent on recruiting and hiring the project’s management and operating staff.

Operation & Management

Having been behind the scenes for some of the most popular entertainment ventures of our time such as Genting Theme Park, Family Oriental Entertainment, Adventure Park and more, AGC team members know what is needed to manage enormously popular attractions smoothly and successfully.
And because of our operating expertise, all decisions made from day one were made with the knowledge of what would be needed up ahead for a smooth running operation. That kind of planning will ultimately keep your costs down and enhance your profits.



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